Andromeda, or The Long Way Home - Second Printing

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Andromeda, or The Long Way Home is a deluxe, hardcover collection of my previously self-published "Andromeda" comics plus a new chapter and a lot of other extras!
The book follows the journey of a nomad as he struggles to
understand, thrive and conquer the landscape that surrounds him.

Inside you'll find:
-The previously self-published chapters Bugonia (2016)
-and A House On The Horizon (2017)
-A new chapter entitled Our Mother The Mountain.
-A sketchbook section and supplemental Illustrations.
‚Äč-A guest pin-up gallery of some of my favorite artists like Mike Mignola (Hellboy),
Artyom Trakhanov (Slavic Nihilism), Frans Boukas (Bartkira),
John Kenn Mortensen (Sticky Monsters ), Matt Smith (Barbarian Lord),
Simon Roy (Prophet) , Aaron Conley (sabertooth swordsman) and Christian Degn!

For a more immersive experience there's also an ambient music soundtrack that you can stream and download at
This edition does not include the cd.

Interior: 128 Pages printed on 150g Fabriano Palatina.
Front Cover: 3mm Cardboard. Full color print. Embossing with metallic copper foil.
Spine: Cloth-bound with metallic copper print.

Self Published